Contract Cleaning

cleaningThis includes daily cleaning of commercial properties such as offices, banks, retail supermarkets, show rooms, industrial premises which include workshops, governmental offices as well as non-governmental ones. Our clients also include mining institutions and regular domestic customers.

Ad- Hoc cleaning

This involves once off cleaning service where the premises are cleaned on a once off or periodic basis. Included are floors, walls, windows and carpets. This is dependent on the client’s specific needs. Also included is toilet deep cleaning where toilets are thoroughly cleaned and deodorised.

Window cleaning

We use conventional techniques such as scaffolding or ropes. This service can be offered on a contract basis i.e. monthly or after quarterly or as a once off service.

Carpet and furniture cleaning

This can be wet cleaning or dry. Service can be offered to domestic customers as well as commercial.

Tea/Kitchen services

We offer tea-making services to customers who do not have a kitchen orderly. This service includes making tea and serving, keeping stock of the supplies as well as cleaning the kitchen.

Builder’s Clean up

This involves thorough spring-cleaning before occupation of premises that were under construction. This can also include rubble removal.

Pest control

We offer control of rodent, flies, cockroaches, ants etc. This is offered for all sectors i.e residential, commercial, and industrial and health institutions.

Janitorial Supplies

Supplies hand driers, soap dispensers, paper towels and tissue dispensers, toilet rolls, toilet cleaner, channel blocks and general-purpose detergent.

Sanitary Bin Services bins

The service involves:

  • placing a sanitary bin in ladies toilets,
  • emptyingonce a week and incineration of waste,
  • replacing bin liners
  • provision of disposable plastics
  • deodorizing the bin



Some of our Clients: